We recommend visiting our dental practice for your regular dental checkup every six months. This will help you stay on top of your oral health and allow us to detect and prevent potential issues from forming or developing further. Regular dental checkups are the best investment in maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile, and they’ll pay back your time and money with more years of a beautiful, bright smile.

If you are overdue for a dental checkup in Kuna, please call (208) 922-1755 today for an appointment with a dentist at Deluxe Dental.

Full Examination

Our dentists and dental hygienists will examine your mouth, checking your teeth, tongue and jaws for any developing issues or disease. This not only allows us to stay in front of any potential issues, but it also helps us to map out a treatment plan  for you if necessary.

Professional Cleaning

Your home hygiene routine is vital to keeping your mouth healthy, but it’s not enough. The goal of brushing, flossing, and rinsing is to remove plaque from your teeth. Plaque is a soft combination of food residue and bacterial biofilms. Bacteria living in your mouth, especially harmful bacteria, create a protein jacket to protect themselves and cling to your teeth.

If you don’t remove plaque from your teeth, it will absorb minerals from your saliva and become what we call tartar or dental calculus. This mineralized plaque provides hard shelter for bacteria to multiply–it’s their personal bunker! Brushing, flossing, and other home care can’t remove tartar, but we can safely eliminate it with our cleaning tools. This can reduce your risk of cavities, gum disease, and other health problems.

We will also polish your teeth and work to eliminate any surface stains from your enamel.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a deadly disease if undetected or untreated. We make sure to take the time to screen for cancer so that we can detect it in its earliest and most treatable stages. This screening also only takes a minute or two, so it doesn’t keep you from getting back to your busy schedule

Digital X-Rays

To detect things that are difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye, we use digital X-rays. These images allow our dentists and dental professionals to get a more detailed and thorough look at the state of your teeth, jaw and gums.

Is It Time for Your Checkup?

Preventive dentistry is the best way to maintain optimal oral health. To stay on top of your oral health, we recommend coming in for a regular dental checkup every six months. Please call our dental office at (208) 922-1755 to schedule an appointment today.