Missing teeth can cause serious problems. In addition to damaging one’s appearance, missing teeth make tasks like chewing and speaking difficult. Moreover, if not treated in a timely manner, tooth loss can lead to more serious issues including unwanted tooth shifts, bite imbalances, facial structure loss and jawbone deterioration. For those reasons, we strongly encourage patients to consider tooth replacement options including dentures.

If you are facing the loss of one or even all your teeth, dentures are a good option for replacement. Please call (208) 922-1755 today for an appointment with a Kuna cosmetic dentist at Deluxe Dental.

Benefits of Modern Dentistry

When you are facing the loss of your teeth, the thought of dentures might fill your head with memories of your parents or grandparents. Their replacement teeth were unattractive, didn’t function well, and may have had an unpleasant odor.

Modern dentures can be much better than those in the past and can be:

  • Secure
  • Functional
  • Attractive
  • Comfortable
  • Stain- and smell-resistant

Modern approaches can create a better fit, which makes them more secure, functional, and comfortable. The use of modern materials developed for cosmetic dentistry can give a more natural look than in the past. And these materials can repel stains and smells better than past materials, extending the life of your dentures.

Complete and Partial Dentures

You may hear dentists talk about complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures replace all the teeth in one arch (top or bottom rows of teeth). Thus, a person could have a complete denture but also have half their natural teeth still. These are usually held in place by suction. Suction depends on precise fit, though adhesive can help. Complete dentures can also be secured with dental implants.

Partial dentures replace one or a few missing teeth. These teeth don’t have to be right next to each other. Partial dentures are typically held in place with hooks and clasps that attach them to your remaining natural teeth. Partials can also be supported by dental implants.

Fixed and Removable

Traditionally, dentures are removable tooth replacements. You are expected to take them out and clean them, although many people also take them out for eating. It’s true: many traditional dentures are not comfortable or functional enough to use for eating.

Fixed dentures are securely attached in your mouth, either to your natural teeth or to dental implants. Often, we call these dental bridges.

Implant Dentures

Often times creating well-fitting lower complete dentures is more challenging. At Deluxe Dental, we utilize the placement of implants to secure dentures in place. Implant-retained dentures can be permanent or removable.

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