Do you have minor chips on your teeth? Are you unhappy with a gap in your smile? Do you wish you could reshape a tooth that doesn’t match with the others? Dental bonding is a quick, affordable cosmetic dentistry solution that can correct these problems and more. It only takes one visit to complete, which makes it perfect for emergency dentistry. Even if you chip a tooth in the afternoon, you can have it repaired in time for dinner.

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What Bonding Can Do

Dental bonding is a very versatile cosmetic treatment. We can use it in many of the same situations where veneers or crowns might be used. This includes fixing:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Short teeth
  • Unattractive tooth shape
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Discolored teeth

Dental bonding can reshape your teeth. We use it to restore damaged parts of the tooth or build up naturally small or poorly shaped teeth. It can also cover up discolored teeth to provide whitening when regular teeth whitening won’t work. It’s a workable solution for many cosmetic complaints. It isn’t always the best solution, but it might be right in your case.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures available. In part, that’s because it’s so versatile, and it can help many people. But that’s not all bonding has to offer. In addition, it:

  • Is inexpensive
  • Can be completed in a single visit
  • Delivers attractive results
  • Preserves your natural tooth

One of the best selling points of bonding is that it’s inexpensive. It’s often a fraction of the cost of alternative treatments. This not only makes it good for people on a budget, it’s also a good “trial” procedure–you can get good results without investing too much money. Then you can decide to invest in other treatments later.

Many cosmetic treatments force you to make two visits, but dental bonding can be done in just one visit. Many times, you can have your new smile in under an hour.

Dental bonding results are attractive and natural-looking. No one will guess that you’ve had your tooth treated.

In addition, dental bonding doesn’t require that we remove much natural tooth material. Tooth material can’t be replaced, so this is good, especially if you’re not sure you’re ready for cosmetic dentistry.

Limitations of Dental Bonding

While dental bonding is good in many ways, it also has some limitations that make it not right for every situation. Dental bonding is:

  • Less strong than tooth enamel
  • Vulnerable to wear
  • Prone to staining
  • Short-lived
  • Dependent on your dentist’s technique

Bonding is made of a composite resin, basically the same material used in tooth-colored fillings. This means it is more likely to wear down. And because it’s plastic, it is more likely to pick up stains. The combination of wear and stains usually means that bonding may last only a few years.

Other restorations are made in a lab, but your dentist shapes bonding directly on your teeth. If your dentist isn’t skilled or practiced at bonding techniques, your results might not work so well.

How Dental Bonding Works

Dental bonding starts as a soft putty. It’s a composite resin: plastic with ceramic inclusions for strength and beauty.

Your tooth is cleaned and any damaged parts are removed to provide a stable foundation for bonding. Then the tooth is lightly etched with an acid wash. The dentist applies the bonding to the tooth and shapes it. Then we harden it with a curing light. Depending on the size and shape of the change we’re making, we might do multiple layers. Then we polish the bonding to give it a tooth-like appearance, and you’re done.

Is Bonding Right for You?

If you are looking for a quick, affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment in Kuna, bonding might be right for you. Please call (208) 922-1755 today for an appointment at Deluxe Dental.