At Deluxe Dental, we work with patients of all ages, and we especially love helping children achieve great oral health and beautiful smiles with family dentistry. At Deluxe Dental, we offer a range of pediatric services to cover all your children’s dental needs. Plus, treating your family together can help us deliver better care to everyone.

A Friendly Practice for Kids

At Deluxe Dental, our friendly, approachable and knowledgeable staff works great with kids of all ages. We aim to make our dental office a warm, relaxing place that is convenient for you and the kids. With our family scheduling options and children’s play area, you can bring the whole family to our dental practice for all your dental needs!


Children’s molars and premolars are susceptible to trapping bacteria and developing decay, especially when they are still growing. Dental sealants are acrylic coatings that can be painted onto their back teeth, creating a smoother surface that is less susceptible to trapping bacteria.

Fluoride Application

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in water and in certain foods. Using concentrated amounts of fluoride has proven benefits for teeth. Applying fluoride directly will strengthen teeth and can even reverse the early effects of tooth decay.


If your child experiences minor damage or decay to their teeth (such as from a cavity), a filling can restore the look and function back to their teeth.


Kids are rambunctious and full of energy, so you never know when they might have an accident. But you should at least protect their teeth when they’re participating in formal sports competition. We can make a custom mouthguard that will provide the best protection for your kids’ teeth.

Emergency Dentistry

Kids will be kids. Our staff of dental professionals understands that accidents happen, so our emergency dentistry can accommodate you and your child when unexpected complications arise.


If your child has suffered extensive damage or decay, a dental crown procedure can clean out the bacteria and decay and then restore your child’s tooth with a dental crown.

Let Us Treat You as a Family

Some kids will benefit from the specialized care of a pediatric dentist, but many others might benefit as much or more from a family dentist with their parents. That’s because many oral health challenges are shared in a family.

Some of the problems are genetic: you might have weak tooth enamel or a bad response to infection. Observing these problems in parents lets us head them off for kids with family dentistry. Families also tend to have the same oral bacteria, so we can be prepared for problems that may affect multiple family members.

Finally, the family that eats together gets cavities together. When we notice patterns of decay, we can give advice for diet and hygiene changes that will benefit your entire family.

Looking for Family Dentistry in Kuna?

At Deluxe Dental, we can accommodate the whole family. To schedule an appointment for you, your children or the whole family, please call our dental office at (208) 922-1755.