Our dedication to dentistry is ongoing. With the desire to serve other people, we continue our dental education while simultaneously giving back to the community. We always find ways to make patients feel comfortable and at ease in the clinic. We combine our passion for connecting with patients with using the latest dental technologies to provide optimal oral health care. Our team is friendly and fun loving. We all love connecting with our patients, and we strive to make their dental visits a great experience.

Deluxe Dental is your reliable source for comprehensive dental care in Kuna, Idaho. We look after your oral health and your smile because we know how important both are to you. We want every member of the family to feel right at home with us. Therefore, our team offers general dentistry, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry — three of the areas of dentistry that patients typically look for.

Why We’re the Best

Professional Team

With education from top-notch schools and a team with decades of experience, the quality of services you will receive is superb. Expect friendly, compassionate care every time you are in our office.

Affordable & Available

When we were deciding on the pricing for all of our dental services, we came to the conclusion that we must keep our clinic affordable at all costs. Our fair policy on that, along with our focus on families and 24/7 readiness, is what distinguishes us!

We Work with Insurance

At Deluxe Dental, we are prepared to work with your insurance. We accept most insurance, especially Met, Cigna, Guardian, Delta, and Medicaid. We will check your coverage so you know what to expect.

How We’re Different

Range of Services

With our offerings ranging from cosmetic dentistry and dentures to restorative, preventive and orthodontic services, we are confident that we are able to handle just about any oral health concern that you might ever have!

Outstanding Technology

We utilize the latest developments in dentistry to provide you with higher quality, more convenient care. Digital impressions, CT scans, and Invisalign all let us improve your results and your experience.

A Dentist for the Whole Family

We understand the struggle to find a dentist, so why find more than one? We can see your entire family here at Deluxe Dental. From a child’s first wellness visit to tooth extraction and replacement with dental implants, we offer a full life of dental care.

Check Out Our Reviews

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. You can listen to what your neighbors are saying. Check out our reviews here. Deluxe Dental is the top-rated dentist in Kuna, and reading a few of the reviews will tell you about the quality care we have to offer.

To experience the benefits of Deluxe Dental for yourself, please call (208) 922-1755 today for an appointment.