Smile is a wonderful gift given to us, but we are unable to maintain a healthy smile due to a variety of reasons. Are you still worried about which treatment gives the best solution for missing teeth? Thanks to new inventions in cosmetic dentistry, we have dental implants that provide permanent artificial teeth. 

Today missing teeth have become a common issue among people and occur due to a variety of reasons like gum diseases, accidents or injuries, gingivitis, etc. Tooth loss has various consequences like awkwardness while eating, drinking, smiling or talking which decreases our self-confidence.

Dental implants – the latest advancement

A few years back, dentures and dental bridges were the solutions to missing teeth. Now we have dental implants through which a lot of people are choosing dental implants to get their treatments for missing teeth. The procedure is such that it involves placing of titanium implants with a jaw. 


Benefits of treatment with implants

There are various reasons due to which people prefer dental implants over other treatments. The best thing about the treatment is that the other healthy teeth of your mouth remain unaffected. In the course of treatment, there is no requirement of moving the other teeth. 

Dental implants also do not depend on external support. They are inserted and they graft themselves. In a few visits, you feel you have your real teeth. You won’t be able to differentiate between the real one and the implants until closely observed. The best thing is that once you wear them and you keep it forever. Thus, it is economical. 

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