Top 10 Child Dental Care Tips – Kuna, ID

Caring for children’s teeth is essential. The primary teeth not only saves the proper spaces for the growth of the adult teeth, but it also helps children chew, talk, and smile. Establishing proper oral hygiene techniques and habits as early as possible is sure to result in a healthier smile. Parents should always remember that healthy teeth can equal to an excellent oral health condition.

Parents, together with dental professionals must go hand in hand in improving children’s oral health. To this end, we at Deluxe Dental Group Kuna provides a variety of Pediatric Dental Services that cater to the needs of children from infancy to adolescence.

We offer the following services:

  • Sealants to protect children’s molars and premolars
  • Fluoride Applications to strengthen teeth and reverse the earliest effects of tooth decay
  • Fillings and Crowns to restore the function and appearance of the teeth
  • Emergency Dentistry to treat unexpected dental issues caused by injuries, accidents, or trauma


Pediatric Dentistry


The inadequate care of the teeth and other oral structures can compromise the overall health of kids since it can pose dental and systemic health risks. For us to help at Deluxe Dental Group Kuna, aside from offering pediatric dental care services, we also listed some of the most helpful tips to improve their oral health condition effectively.

Tip 1: Supervise the kids.

Establish oral hygiene practices and lead by example. Teach the kids the importance of brushing and flossing the teeth. It is also best to assist them in how to do it properly.

Tip 2: Make dental routines fun.

Kids may throw tantrums, especially if they are not into doing a specific task. To make it more enjoyable, parents can let children choose their own themed toothbrushes. Doing this can make them look forward to oral hygiene sessions.

Tip 3: Ensure that children eat a proper breakfast.

According to a study, eating high protein breakfast can lessen their cravings for sweets throughout the day.

Tip 4: Reduce sugar intake.

Sugar is the main culprit for tooth decay. Bacterias in plaque feed on sugar to produce acids that can erode the teeth enamel.

Tip 5: Let them use a drinking straw.

Using a straw, especially when drinking sweetened beverages prevents the direct contact of the liquid on the teeth. This practice, therefore, reduces the child’s possibility of acquiring tooth decay.

Tip 6: Use fluoridated toothpaste.

Aside from choosing flavored toothpaste, parents should also opt for fluoridated toothpaste to act as a barrier that can strengthen their kids’ teeth.

Tip 7: Prepare healthy and nutritious snacks.

Children can be picky sometimes. Make sure to incorporate fruits, vegetables, water, crackers, and dairy products to their snacks or meals that are mouth friendly.

Tip 8: Keep them hydrated.

Water keeps the mouth from becoming dry. Keeping the mouth well-hydrated increases saliva production which helps in washing away harmful bacterias.

Tip 9: Make proper dental hygiene practices a habit.

Taking care of the teeth does not only happen at home. Make sure that kids brush their teeth before going to school, during nighttime, and when in school.

Tip 10: Visit the dentist regularly.

Visiting the dentist for dental appointments and check-ups really help in ensuring maximum teeth protection and good overall oral health.


Your children also deserve outstanding dental care services! We provide Pediatric Dentistry in Kuna, ID. Book your appointment with us at Deluxe Dental Group Kuna and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!