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Those strange dental instruments that you see in the dentist’s clinic is not something that you should dread about—so are the gloved hands of the dental professionals. The thing that must scare you by now is the heightening case of gum disease in America. The said condition knows no age and gender. If you are not vigilant enough, your possibility of sharing the same story with the other periodontal disease sufferers is high. But why should you be afraid of gum disease? Read on below to know some terrifying facts about the oral complication.


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Facts About Gum Disease That Might Scare You!

The Not-So-Pleasing Symptoms

You know you already reached the advanced stage of gum disease when you start to experience some awful manifestations. Bloody patches on the sink every time you brush your teeth, your gums turning bright red, and deep pockets begin to form between your teeth and gums—just don’t be surprised if you encounter any of these. Bleeding, swelling, and redness is the most common symptoms of gum disease. But what is more bothering is its more complex effects: receding gums and loose teeth.

The Unbelievable Statistics

Gum disease is widespread. For the past years, the oral disease had garnered unbelievable data with a statement that said 50% of the adult population in the U.S. suffer from periodontal disease. 8.7% of them have mild periodontitis, those who suffer from the moderate type of gum disease mushroomed to 30%, and thankfully, only 8.5% of them deal with the burden of severe periodontitis.

The Mind-Blowing Connection

The mouth and the body have some unexplainable connection. To say that gum disease is solely a problem of oral health is a myth. Health-related conditions like stroke, heart issues, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis may spring because of gum disease. So once its early form hits you, do not hesitate to talk to us at Deluxe Dental Group Kuna immediately. We offer scaling and root planing for the treatment of gingivitis. For advanced gum disease, we have laser treatment, bone grafting, pocket reduction, and more.

The Unexpected Causes

If you think poor oral hygiene is the only cause of gum disease—think again. Oral hygiene obsessed individual can also be at risk for oral disease. It is possible for periodontal problems to be passed on from one person to another. With that, anyone in your family who suffers from the said oral complication can spread it to the other members by merely sharing their foods or utensils. Stress can surprisingly wreak havoc to your gums too, making it more susceptible to the disease.


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