Facing unfinished treatment after the sudden closure of SmileDirectClub? Don’t worry, Deluxe Dental in Kuna is here to help!

The recent news of SmileDirectClub’s abrupt closure left many Kuna residents in shock and uncertainty. Mid-treatment patients were suddenly faced with the prospect of unfinished smiles and nowhere to turn. But fear not, Deluxe Dental, your trusted local dental practice, is stepping up to ensure your smile journey doesn’t go off the rails.

Here’s why Deluxe Dental is your perfect SmileDirectClub escape pod:

  • Experienced Invisalign Providers: Our team of skilled dentists and orthodontists have extensive experience with Invisalign treatment, the clear aligner system originally pioneered by Align Technology, the same company behind SmileDirectClub aligners.
  • Smooth Transition: We understand the frustration of interrupted treatment. That’s why we’ll work closely with you to assess your current progress and seamlessly integrate you into our Invisalign program, minimizing disruptions and delays.
  • Personalized Care: Unlike the impersonal, online-only model of SmileDirectClub, Deluxe Dental offers personalized attention and expert guidance throughout your treatment. We’ll be there for you every step of the way, addressing your concerns and ensuring a smooth, successful journey to a confident smile.
  • Flexible Options: We understand that finances are a concern, especially after the unexpected closure of SmileDirectClub. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans to fit your budget, ensuring your dream smile is within reach.

    Don’t let the demise of SmileDirectClub dim your smile! Deluxe Dental is here to pick up the pieces and help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

    Call us today at (208) 922-1755 or schedule an appointment online to reclaim your smile journey with confidence!