Avoid Bad Breath While Wearing Dentures with These Tips! – Kuna, ID

Wobbly dentures, speaking difficulty, and chewing struggle – these are some of the common problems that denture-wearers tend to experience. But aside from these three, oral complications will also arise if a person fails to take precautionary measures. Dentures are prone to plaque build-ups like real teeth. In other words, it is not impossible for wearers to suffer from bad breath even with the oral device. So how would you deal with it? Deluxe Dental Group Kuna will give you some tips!




Causes Of Bad Breath (For Denture Wearers)

Since dentures are used when eating, food particles tend to gather beneath the appliance. These type of debris can create an unpleasant smell if not removed. When a person fails to eliminate these unwanted substances through daily cleaning, plaques are more likely to develop it can lead to the development of oral malodor.


Tips To Keep The Breath Fresh With Dentures

Retain your fresh breath and maintain the excellent shape of your dentures! Follow these tips that we at Deluxe Dental Group Kuna prepared:

  • Clean your dentures regularly by following these simple steps: soak, brush, rinse. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild cleanser when brushing the restorative device. For soaking, you can utilize commercial solutions. Remember to rinse dentures with cool water after eating to eliminate food debris.
  • Do not leave dentures inside your mouth while sleeping. Doing so can encourage bacterial growth which in turn causes the breath to smell unpleasant.
  • Food particles inevitably gather beneath the oral device when eating. You can prevent the accumulation of these unwanted substances by making use of denture adhesive. It will serve as a seal that will hinder foods from being trapped.
  • Visit the dentist every six months for cleanings and checkups.

Bad breath may affect anyone with or without dentures. If you notice an undesirable scent in your breath, seek our help at Deluxe Dental Group Kuna! We can provide halitosis treatment for you.


If you want to own a healthy, and fresh breath, Deluxe Dental Group Kuna is here for you! Check out our Halitosis Treatment in Kuna, ID for the treatment of bad breath. You can also visit us at  1353 N. Meridian Rd., #101, Kuna, ID 83634.