Inlays and Onlays: Great Dental Restorations in Kuna, ID

Tooth decay deteriorates both the health of the tooth and its appearance. In order to fix the issue, professional treatment is needed. Some of the popular procedure performed by the dentist to restore the function and look of the tooth are crowns and dental fillings. Although some may not appreciate the use of inlays and onlays, these procedures could be the best alternative that patients should consider. At Deluxe Dental Group Kuna, we provide Inlays and Onlays services to help patients repair their damaged enamel, specifically on their chewing surfaces, and even replace their metal fillings.

Inlays are very close to fillings as they are fitted inside the cusp. On the other hand, onlays are used to treat multiple cusps that have been damaged. The materials (prosthesis) being utilized by the dentist like us at Deluxe Dental Group Kuna are very durable. Compared to crowns or fillings, the materials for inlays and onlays tend to withstand longer, maintaining their shape and size for an extended period of time. The process involved in the fabrication of inlays and onlays are thorough to provide patients with the ideal dental restoration. Additionally, the treatment is also said to hold and strengthen the teeth by up to 75%.


General Dentistry


By undergoing inlays and onlays treatment, you allow the tooth structure to be preserved. During the procedure, the dentist will get rid of the damaged portion of the tooth and ensure that the remaining piece is appropriately shaped. An impression of the tooth will then be taken to produce a mold resembling the new form of the tooth. After the prostheses are made, the dental professional will attach them to the original tooth of the patient. Inlays and onlays are customized to give patients a perfectly-fit restoration while keeping a majority of their tooth structure in place. Many are in favor of the procedure as it is considered less extensive.

Durability is indeed certain for the inlays and onlays treatment. But aside from them being a reliable restorative option, inlays and onlays are designed to allow patients to enjoy a natural-looking tooth restoration. There are different shades made available at the dentist to correspond to the rest of the teeth. The materials used are also less prone to stains to let patients embrace a long-lasting, beautiful smile.


If you are ready to restore your tooth with the help of Inlays and Onlays in Kuna, ID, be sure to book your appointment with us at Deluxe Dental Group Kuna. We are always ready to extend our assistance regarding your different dental needs. You may visit us at 1353 N. Meridian Rd., #101, Kuna, ID 83634.